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Here are some interesting marketing statistics you should know.
Marketing Statistics 2016
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Stats: September Marketing Insights

Here are some interesting marketing statistics you should consider when reviewing your own strategy.

  1. The average person receives 121 EMAILS A DAY. (Source) Yikes. Make sure yours stands out.

  2. The AVERAGE EMAIL OPEN RATE for ‘Business and Finance’ companies is 21% and the average click rate for the same category is 2.8% according to an August report by MailChimp. (Source) How do you stack up against these numbers?

  3. 54% MORE LEADS are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing. (Source) That means you need to have interesting and informative articles, webinars and videos to attract prospects to your website instead of relying only on advertising, commercials, cold calls, etc.

  4. 53% of social media marketers DON’T MEASURE THEIR SUCCESS. (Source) Make sure you don’t fall into that category. Track how much activity your posts are generating so you can tailor your content for your audience’s interests.

  5. Content marketing budgets have increased among B2C companies this year: On average, 32% of TOTAL MARKETING BUDGETS are going towards content, compared to 25% last year. (Source)

  6. The most effective content marketing strategy for B2C businesses are ENEWSLETTERS AND IN-PERSON EVENTS (67% of marketers say these are effective). Other effective strategies at the top of the list were illustrations/photos (66%) and social media content (66%). (Source)

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