Top Social Media Changes (so far) in 2023

Top Social Media Changes (so far) in 2023
As usual, the ever-evolving world of social media keeps us on our toes. With a familiar platform changing every day, a professional platform removing fun tools, and a new platform on the rise, let’s break things down.


Twitter (now known as X)

It seems, whether good or bad, Twitter is making changes daily. In addition to recent Twitter Blue changes, which you can read about in our update here, Twitter is now enacting view limits on accounts. As Elon Musk tweeted himself:

After some initial backlash, these limits were increased to 10,000 posts/day for verified accounts, 1,000 posts/day for unverified accounts, and 500 posts/day for new unverified accounts. Additionally, you can no longer view tweets if not logged in. This means that if you do not have a Twitter account, you can no longer view tweets at all.

And Elon has made the irrational rebranding decision to name the platform X and do away with the iconic bird logo. This has us scratching our heads as to why you would trash a well-known brand. But, then again, why would we expect Elon to do anything but the unexpected!


Meanwhile, is LinkedIn going back to its professional roots and dropping more informal social media tools? LinkedIn announced in June that it will be removing carousels, profile videos, and link stickers.

However, these aren’t the only changes LinkedIn has been implementing. If you run a Company page, you’ve probably noticed some of the changes they have been rolling out. Company pages can now DM and they can create a following list. This list will sit right on the main profile page (while you are viewing as Admin) and is a great tool to engage with posts as your Company.


Finally, the new up-and-coming star: Threads. Threads is a Twitter-like, text-based app from Instagram/Meta. This was teased back in March, finally launched on July 5th, and has already gained tremendous popularity.

While this isn’t the first time IG has launched a separate app (IGTV), Threads seems to be outpacing the previous app, which is great news. IGTV took 18 months to get 7 million downloads[1] while Threads already had well over 30 million just one day after launching.

Could Threads be the answer to Twitter challenges? Threads is an obvious competitor to Twitter, as it is a text-based app that has a very familiar layout. You can like, comment on, quote a thread, or repost a thread in same ways you can like, comment, quote a tweet, and retweet. With many creators jumping the Twitter ship and Twitter recently announcing a 50% drop in ad revenue,[2] Threads could be the next big media space for sharing our thoughts.

Staying on top of all these social media changes can be overwhelming. If you need help managing your social media, Advisor Expressions is here to help! Let us handle the complexities of social media trends so you can take care of your business.

Reach out to us today and let’s navigate the ever-changing social media landscape together.




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