STATS: 2022 Marketing Insights

STATS: 2022 Marketing Insights

We pooled together some relevant statistics that can help guide you in your marketing efforts. How can we use social media correctly? How should you be using email campaigns?


Social Media

  • Audio hangouts are the new thing. Twitter has launched Spaces where you can go and listen to people discussing various topics. You can join as a listener or you can participate in the discussion. Learn More
  • Facebook declined in users for the first time – down half a million in Q4 of 2021 out of their 1.93 billion users. But it is important to note that Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide, with roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2022. 1
  • Don’t abandon social media! 72% of American adults use some type of social media. 2
  • YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used online platforms – 81% say they use YouTube, and 69% say they use Facebook. 2



  • 74% of Baby Boomers think email is the most personal channel to communicate with brands. Source: HubSpot.  3
  • What’s the best day to send an email? There isn’t too much variance in how emails perform on a given day. Overall, weekdays perform better than weekends. Monday has the best open rate (22%), and Tuesdays have the best click rate (2.4%). Source: Campaign Monitor. 4
  • What’s your score? Financial services have an average open rate of 27.1% and a click rate of 2.4%. Logistics and wholesale has an average open rate of 23.4% and a click rate of 2%. Source: Campaign Monitor. 4


Online Scheduling Tools

  • Calendly now allows their tool to work on LinkedIn. The browser extension allows you to share your meeting link right through LinkedIn Messaging. Read More
  • Calendly also now allows for meeting polls! This helps to coordinate a meeting time with a group of people. Read More

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