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Want to offer a client appreciation event or open house that will actually draw a crowd? Here are 5 ideas on how to offer interesting events to your clients and prospects.
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5 Non-boring Client Event Ideas

Want to offer a client appreciation event or open house that will actually draw a crowd?

Offering an educational seminar or speaker will always attract interest. Of course, providing food doesn’t hurt. Advisors who don’t offer food are often hard-pressed to get a big turnout. So, budget for some eats and offer some of these hot topics and ideas for your next event.

Sip & Shred: Invite your clients to bring their old files to shred while they enjoy some beverages. This could be a daytime event with doughnuts and coffee or an evening gathering with adult beverages. Send your clients a guide for record retention, and encourage them to bring files that need destruction. A raffle prize, such as tickets to a local sporting event, is a great way to make this event even more appealing.

Understanding Long-Term Care Options: No, this is not a product seminar. This information covers the differences between nursing homes, memory care units, assisted living facilities and home care and tips on what to look for as you select an option for your loved one. This is a great way to help your clients with this difficult task and position yourself as their partner in major life events. Ask us about our unique content and expert speakers we can provide for your long-term care event.

Family Day: Does your office have a parking lot or field that you could set up a bounce house, games or food on a weekend? This is a great option if you are opening up a new branch or office and want to encourage your clients to stop by to celebrate the new location with you. Again, food and fun is always attractive to families so plan on having a cookout, ordering pizzas or another family-friendly food option to draw a crowd. A back-to-school theme with a school supply giveaway is sure to bring in parents!

Wellness Seminar: There are many employers who would love to participate in a wellness or stress management seminar at their location or at your office. Pair with a local wellness center to provide a speaker for this seminar is a great way to expand your appeal for attendance. Financial wellness could be easily incorporated into this seminar in an educational way allowing you to introduce your services.

Community Fundraiser: Almost every advisor I work with is involved in a non-profit organization. Why not partner with a community organization for your next event? You could add a raffle to an event you are already planning with the proceeds benefiting the organization. Or, ask the organization if they have an event that you could sponsor, to which you could invite your clients. Being married to a chef, I know that many restaurants donate food for non-profit events so ask around to see if a restaurant will provide some free food in exchange for publicity.

Offer creative, useful content and delivery, and your clients and prospects will come. Call us to discuss more options and seminar content for you and your clients.

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