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We are the marketing partner for successful Financial Professionals who need a dependable and consistent way to increase market share and enhance client experience.
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Leading Your Leads

Are you leaving your prospective clients hanging or communicating what action your want them to take?


I frequently see social media posts or email campaigns that don’t clearly identify what action they want the reader to take. I am left feeling disappointed that the publisher of the post or email missed an opportunity. Something about a social media post caught my eye… but then didn’t provide a link for me to read more on their website. Or, an email has ten different articles and events listed so I was left confused on what the main objective of the communication was. Too many options will often result on your reader not taking any action. And the MOST egregious example, I make my way to an article on your website to find no call to action at the end! You got me all the way to your site, enjoying your content and then didn’t take advantage of my interest by asking me to sign up, follow you or contact you. Yikes.


It is important to always clearly define what action you want your audience to take before you develop your content. Do you want to increase followers on social media, or have them sign up for your email newsletter? Or, maybe you want them to go ahead and make an appointment for a consultation. Ask them to take this action. Make it clear and easy for them to take action and follow you down the path to becoming your client.


Read more about how to increase responses to your communications HERE.


These tips are just the beginning to improving your reach and responses. Schedule a consultation with us to talk about the specific audience you are trying to reach.


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Advisor Expressions is the marketing partner for successful financial professionals who need a dependable and consistent way to increase market share and enhance client experience. When you work with Advisor Expressions, you have a seasoned financial and marketing professional craft and maintain a marketing strategy to fit your practice’s needs. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of opportunities for client retention and growth in your business.

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