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Basics of an Advisor Marketing Plan

Here are some basic questions that financial advisors should address when developing a marketing plan for their practice.


What does your prospective client need?

To improve your attractiveness to a prospective client, there are a few barriers you have to break through to engage them. The first one is their need. Your client has questions and needs and your messaging has to meet one of those needs, or plant a need, with them. This is where you give a quick overview of your brand and services and clearly identify how you can fill that need. Without addressing your prospects’ needs, an overview of your brand and services will be irrelevant to them.

Have you taken time to clearly define your brand and services?

This is critical because your company overview should inspire prospects to take action. Once you address their needs and describe your value, they then have to make the call, send the email, follow you on social media or at least save your information for future use. If it isn’t easy for them to understand your message and what makes you unique, you probably won’t inspire anyone to take action.

Where are you taking them and will they stay?

Your messaging can be delivered through a referral, an ad, social media, direct mail, email campaigns or networking. These tools lead your prospect to your website, most likely. After that, your website should encourage the visitor to take action by filling out a form or calling you. Or, have them sign up for your email list and drip your value proposition until they need your help.

It is becoming more common for a prospect to watch you from afar on social media or view your website before contacting you. I refer to this as ‘cyber-stalking’ and it isn’t as creepy as it sounds. It just means that your website and social media pages become the central hub of your message so they need to be engaging, informative and nice to look at.

What is the right combination of marketing tools?

Email, advertising, direct mail, social media… you have all of these tools available to help get your message out there and to drive traffic to you and your website. You can think of these tools like the spokes of a wheel. How many spokes are you using? If you only use a few, you are going to end up with an odd shaped, slower wheel. And that might be ok for some of you. Slow and steady might be the right pace for your practice’s needs. The more spokes (tools) you use, the more rounded out and fast your prospecting wheel will be.

Should you even be focusing on marketing right now?

Before you jump into all the marketing tools available to you, you might determine that you need to first focus on a business plan or getting set up with a CRM tool. After gaining clarity on your business needs and vision, you will have more clarity on how marketing fits into your goals and what role it should play. The most important thing to know going into this is that marketing takes careful monitoring and change as you go, so leave room for adjustments. Happy prospecting!


Advisor Expressions is the marketing partner for successful Financial Professionals who need a dependable and consistent way to increase market share and enhance client experience. When you work with Advisor Expressions, you have a seasoned financial and marketing professional craft and maintain a marketing strategy to fit your practice’s needs. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of opportunities for client retention and growth in your business.

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