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Ever feel like you are publishing great articles, ideas and other content but wonder if it is falling on deaf ears? Here are some tips on how to get more engagement with the communications you send out to prospects and clients.
Financial advisor email and social media marketing communications tips
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Bueller? Is anyone there?

How to get more responses to your communications.

By: Erika Rains DeBlasi

Ever feel like you are publishing great articles, ideas and other content but wonder if it is falling on deaf ears? Here are some tips on how to get more engagement with the communications you send out to prospects and clients.


Content is King

First and foremost, you should be posting, emailing and mailing information that is educational, informative and useful. This is the best way to ensure people will want to open and read your emails, mailers and posts. What is a top question your clients are asking about? Is there something (non-political) trending in the news that you should comment on? Create a communication based off of this.  This way you know it is a topic of interest. Keep an eye out for seasonal topics of interest and ways you can be helpful to your audience. This builds brand loyalty and makes your audience more likely to open or click on your communications.


Email Magic

When sending emails, you want to make sure you target the right audience with your content. The more segmented and targeted your audience is, the more successful your campaign will be.

I see many emails that are too wordy or unclear about what you want the reader to do. There is a formula you should stick to in order to increase the success of your email.

20 lines (or fewer) of text + 1 or 2 images + prominent call to action = email magic.

You should make your call to action visible right away in your email. What do you want your audience to do? Call now? Read more? Sign up for this webinar? Make it clear.  And then track what your readers are clicking on so that you can create more of the topics they are interested in and follow up with more targeted information. And it’s not just about the number of clicks. Did you see an increase in calls or have a bigger turnout for your event? And please make sure your email is formatted to appear on a mobile device (responsive.) 75% of recipients will delete an email if it is unreadable on their mobile device.[1]


Social Stats

Are you on the right platform to reach your audience? Facebook remains the most popular social platform in America.  According to Pew Research Center, 79% of internet users use Facebook. And three quarters of those Facebook users visit the platform EVERY day while only 18% of LinkedIn users are daily visitors.[2] Before you move all your efforts over to Facebook, you should also remember the benefits of LinkedIn’s ability to reach specific professions, employers and titles. Each firm I work with has a specific target audience for their campaigns. It is important to weigh the goals of each campaign when we determine which platforms will maximize our reach and spend.

Facebook Fails

Many of my clients are stumped on why only 30 or 40 people are seeing their Facebook posts and even fewer are liking or commenting on them. Remember, content is king so first make sure you are posting unique, informative, useful posts. But, something else is also going on. If you have 300 followers on Facebook, they will all see your content, right? Wrong. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what users see in their News Feed. That means your content will probably only show up to a small percentage of your followers who Facebook has determined will want to view your post. Paying to ‘boost’ your post is a sure way to get your content to show up in your followers’ News Feed.  Ask us about how easy this is to set up. Read more about the Facebook algorithm here.


These tips are just the beginning to improving your reach and responses. Schedule a consultation with us to talk about the specific audience you are trying to reach.


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[1] http://news.constantcontact.com/research/age-subscriber-email-domain-major-factors-email-open-rates-according-new-constant-contact-s?M=87ebd7ee-f059-4623-9865-339c0be50088
[2] http://www.pewinternet.org/2016/11/11/social-media-update-2016/

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